Why GreenPlugs?

Top 10 reasons to choose GreenPlugs!

The consistent quality of a good cigar!

  1. Optimal humidity. GreenPlugs arrive with 70% humidity, giving you as a propagator quick control and efficient discharge.
  2. Save time and money. Faster growth cycles, thanks to quick root development. Up to 15 percent faster!
  3. Uniform plug shape and consistent quality in every batch. This ensures even crop growth.
  4. Made-to-measure trays for better air pruning and drainage. Also easily transplanted and automated.
  5. Custom substrates for all crops. You can count on professional advice.
  6. Consistently high success rates.
  7. Ready for use. Pre-drilled plugs for easy planting.
  8. Stable structure with more soil in the plugs. Made possible by the unique filling method, with machines that are also used in cigar production.
  9. Fully dust-free plugs from Swedish block-cut peat. This means the capillaries remain open for optimal water and air flow, without precipitation and mud puddles.
  10. Exclusive ultra-permeable plugs, making sure that healthy, hairy roots have sufficient space to grow quickly.