Our production facility is located in Kampen, in the Dutch province of Overijssel. Since 1991, we’ve applied our knowledge of tobacco production to that of unique paper pots. As perfectly as the tobacco was distributed in the renowned cigars from De Olifant, as homogeneously are our GreenPlugs substrates. As a propagator, you can be confident that you’re working toward uniform propagation of young plants from seeds, cuttings or tissue culture.

Production process

Homogenous and fully dust-free peat fractions

We carefully put together the soil mixtures of our GreenPlugs. They consist of homogeneous and fully dust-free peat fractions. With the help of a unique technology from the tobacco industry, we first carefully pull apart soil particles. This process is comparable to tobacco bales, in which tobacco leaves are separated with fine needles. That’s how we achieve high aeration in our plugs.

Production process

Consistently formed plugs and 70% humidity

We then carefully pile the individual particles on top of each other like building blocks. After having stacked the soil particles in a cylinder, we wrap the paper around it. The space between soil particles in our consistently formed plugs remain optimally open during the entire cultivation. This prevents decomposition and ensures a perfect distribution of soil and air across the entire length of the plug.


70% humidity percentage
In order to ensure this process runs smoothly, the right humidity percentage is crucial. In our plugs, that percentage is 70%. This enables us to distribute the soil particles perfectly homogeneously. At the end of the production process, we add a bit of extra water. This ensures perfect drainage and prevents the soil from becoming irreversible at any point.

Production process

High production in a short period of time

Our way of working makes it possible to have large production runs in a short period of time. The Green Products team is able to put 100,000 plugs per hour into trays. That way, we can respond to your demands as a client.


Why choose GreenPlugs?
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