Premium paperpots with 100% homogeneously filled substrates customized. For optimal, fast and equal growth of young plants. With GreenPlugs you choose a complete and reliable growing system that always delivers, requires less work and saves space. Throughout the entire growing process, Green Products’ specialists will assist and advise you.


Premium paperpots with homogeneous filling

GreenPlugs are available in all diameters, from 13 up to and including 29 mm, and lengths ranging from 22 to 120 mm, with or without plant hole. We produce our paper pots using proven techniques, ensuring 100% homogeneous distribution of substrates, both in individual plugs and between the various paper pots and trays. This results in crops that grow evenly and vigorously throughout.

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Production process

Made with techniques from the tobacco industry

Our production facility is located in Kampen, in the Dutch province of Overijssel. Since 1991, we’ve applied our knowledge of tobacco production to that of unique paper pots. As perfectly as the tobacco was distributed in the renowned cigars from De Olifant, as homogeneously are our GreenPlugs substrates. As a propagator, you can be confident that you’re working toward uniform propagation of young plants from seeds, cuttings or tissue culture.

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With GreenPlugs you are assured of:

Uniform plant growth in homogeneously filled paperpots

Optimal results through RHP-certified custom substrates

Efficient use of space, fertilizer and labor input

Optimal root growth through extremely permeable paper

Plugs available with all diameters between 13 and 29 mm


dust-free greenplugs

GreenPlugs consist of fractions of sod turf, rather than milling peat. As a result, our paperpots are 100% dust-free. This prevents capillaries in the plug from clogging and disrupting capillary action.

2 days

faster development of roots

High homogeneity, mixtures that are completely tailored to the plant and the perfect harmony between plug & tray. It makes root development in GreenPlugs generally 2 days faster than average.

Working method

Proactive thinking throughout the process

A great product only leads to great results when all pieces of the puzzle fall into place. With our decades of experience and knowledge, we know all about the perfect circumstances for the best cultivation result. To achieve this, our specialists work proactively. We’re always ready for you, both as advisor and sparring partner.

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Dümmen Orange: ‘Green Products continuously thinks along with our grower’

On an annual basis, Green Products supplies approximately 80 million GreenPlugs to Dümmen Orange’s Rheinberg, D, facility. “Green Products is very reliable in the delivery, the quality is always right and they constantly think along with our grower,” said operations manager Heleen Sonneveld of Dümmen Orange.

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