The composition of the substrate is always discussed with the customer beforehand to determine such issues as the desired types of peat, the fractionation, the amount of perlite, vermiculite, clay or coco granulate, the right (optionally organic) fertilisers and the desired moisture content. Green Products uses exclusively high-quality substrates certified by the independent Dutch soil-inspection organisation RHP. The careful mixing of the components and the very homogeneous filling make for plugs with excellent cultivation properties that can be very effectively controlled.

Greenplugs contain exclusively organic, natural components. The natural substrates buffer numerous nutrient elements.
Time and time again, fast rooting and uniform growth show that young plants are very happy in the substrate.

Plant holes
Ever more customers are opting for plugs with pre-dibbled or pre-drilled plant holes to save time and labour. The depth and diameter of the plant hole are decisive for good contact between the cutting or tissue-culture plant and the plug, so also for the plants’ early growth. Green Products has the right techniques needed to dibble or drill holes in the Greenplugs.

Drilling involves removing a small amount of substrate from the plug, which creates more room for the cutting or young plant. Large plant holes are always drilled, for example for transplanting small plugs to larger ones (plug-in-plug).


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