High quality
Green Products’ plugs are well known for their unrivalled homogeneous shape, stability and moisture content, which are very consistent both within and between supplied batches. We know better than anyone else that constant quality is essential for top achievements in propagation. It is, after all, precisely in propagation that minor differences may have major consequences.

Efficient processes
With Green Products’ high-quality plugs growers are assured of an efficient, smooth start of their propagation process. The plugs are ideal for automatically taken cuttings, and for automatic sorting, refilling, transplanting and repotting. Plants in Green Products’ plugs can moreover be perfectly steered in the first phases of their development.

Perfect results
Green Products plugs are unrivalled in guaranteeing fast rooting, healthy roots and uniform crop development – crucial factors if you want to be able to supply high-quality planting material time and time again. Growers who use Green Products plugs obtain higher yields with their propagating material while at the same time saving on labour, fertilisers and space and cutting losses – they are all great benefits too.


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