Expansion, quality assurance and growing environmental awareness in global horticulture and forestry have led to a demand for high-quality, sustainable propagation systems for planting material. Green Products’ aim is to meet that demand with a range of paper pots for raising young plants from seed, cuttings and tissue culture. Characteristic of Green Products’ approach is proactive cooperation with customers. Our aim to unburden our customers by offering them the best possible service in all fields results in perfect tailor-made solutions of a constant, high quality. There’s not a single company in our sector that can outdo us in this respect.

Our constant efforts to arrive at sustainable solutions result in products that spare the environment. Even if that is not your primary concern, it helps to corroborate your and our licence to produce. With Green Products you have a reliable partner for many years to come. For ever Green Products, so to speak.

Green Products forms part of the Tembo Group (www.tembo.eu), a Dutch family company that has been developing and building state-of-the-art machines for a range of industries for many decades. Twenty years ago the company decided to start using its knowhow and technology for sustainable, green initiatives. That led to the birth of Green Products. Besides its activities in commercial horticulture, Green Products is also active in the fields of reforestation, erosion control and agroforestry.


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